If any of you are planning a vintage inspired wedding, look no further than Maryann and Trent – a couple who took us back in time with their unique, secondhand styling. Using his magic lens, photographer Gui Jorge captured everything that these two lovebirds are about. “We love anything old, hippie, vintage, country of secondhand so that was what we went with”, says Maryann.

After a perfectly executed proposal, Maryann and Trent were excited to celebrate their love with family and friends at Gledswood Homestead and Winery – a romantic, historic homestead in Sydney, New South Wales that perfectly suited their country-style theme.

Maryann’s gorgeous lace dress was purchased last minute from The Barefaced Bride after being disappointed with an earlier, online buy. Her ring however, was the one she’d wanted all along. “… my dream ring that we had seen in a store window, it disappeared one day and I thought someone was walking around with my ring on not thinking it was half as beautiful as I did, not knowing he had secretly bought it and had it hidden for five months.”

With help from friends and family, almost all the decorations and desserts were created and organised in house. “Everything was either hand made or secondhand”, says Maryann who was greeted at the end of the aisle by not only her husband but their dog Blue, too.

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CREDITS Photos Gui Jorge Photography // Gown Barefaced Bride // Shoes Asos // Flowers Eden Flower Design and Sydney Flower Markets // Rings Bankstown Jewellers and Wilson Brothers Jewellery via Etsy // Grooms blazer, tie and suspenders Dirty Janes // Grooms shirt and pants Connor // Ceremony, reception and catering Gledswood Homestead and Winery, New South Wales // Hair Wooshka Hair Solutions // Makeup Face2Face // Celebrant Maureen Thorpe.