We didn’t think anything would ever beat women’s yoghurt commercials but after seeing Molly and Sam’s epic Brisbane wedding, which was beautifully captured by Luke Going Photography and A&Y Videography (whose wedding you can check out here!) we’re not so sure. “Luke Going and A&Y video were the absolute stand outs!” says Mollly. “We have had so much great feedback on our photo and video previews and have been reduced to tears several times. The novelty of looking at them has certainly not worn off!”

Held on Sam’s parent’s stunning property, Molly and Sam organised everything in a matter of months, including event planners and stylists Hope & Lace, whom many of you may recall from this inspiring shoot. “Having Erin from Hope and Lace to organise most of the styling was some of the best money we spent.”, says Molly who rocked a gorgeous BHLDN skirt and top that suited the vibe of their backyard wedding to a tee.

“We always knew we wanted a relaxed party vibe, inspired by the setting. Many hours were spent on Pinterest and Hello May (no lie) looking at different elements.” Their lighting by Elyssium Lighting along with their food trucks, cue Oi Taco and Hello Mr Jenkins were key to creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere which was finished off with a few personal touches.

“The family/friend input on things like the invites (designed by Sam’s best friend) the stars (made by Molly’s mum) and DELICIOUS cakes (made by Molly’s Dad and Stepmum) were really nice as they added some personal touches, not something that we chose from a website”, says Molly who accepted Sam’s proposal after only nine months. “No regrets!” she says triumphantly, knowing her and Sam will live and long and happy life together.

To see more of Luke Going’s work check out this real wedding, or click here to view his full portfolio via our online directory.

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CREDITS Photos Luke Going Photography // Bridal gown, cards and forks BHLDN // Shoes Windsor Smith // Rings Kimmison Jewellery // Groom’s suit Wil Valor // Groom’s shirt Jack London // Bow tie/tie Calvin Klein // Groom’s shoes Crockett and Jones // Groom’s socks Happy Socks // Groom’s watch Tag Heuer // Ceremony and reception private property, QLD // Food trucks Oi Taco and Hello Mr Jenkins // Event planner and stylist Hope & Lace // Furniture hire CL Weddings and Events // Vases and cake stands Prop it Pretty // Giant Jenga The Curious Caravan // Stationery Nick Williams // Hair and makeup Dominica Hair Make-up Skin Care // Entertainment Rumba Fuego // Celebrant Erin Woodhall // Transport Murray’s Coaches // Cinematographer A&Y Videography // Lighting Elyssium Lighting