An RSVP for Petra and Brent’s elopement had one condition…cashing in all of your Frequent Flyer miles for a ticket to beautiful Malta! “We loved Malta and especially Valletta from a previous holiday a few years back. The city itself is small and beautiful and easy to get around. The ceremony and lunch locations were completely fortunate internet finds!”

Held at Rampila, a fine dining restaurant and wine bar, the pair tells us that they didn’t need a theme for their day because Malta said it all on its own. “The location itself dictated the vibe, sunny, summertime, Mediterranean, relaxed and fun. We had a daytime wedding as we had family with kids and we wanted to make the most of the beautiful sunshine,” says Petra, who absolutely rocked her Alice McCall get-up.

“I was lucky enough to find my dress just a few weeks before the wedding. I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I was not looking for anything particularly bridal’ as the occasion was very casual. I surprised myself by actually finding a white dress. A few minor alterations and a custom made slip later and the dress was perfect.”

With photos by legend Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe Weddings, the couple (now “lifelong gardening partners) can enjoy their special day for years to come. Their fave memory from the celebration? “Drinks in the garden after the ceremony. Finally feeling the pressure disappear and having a drink and hug with all of our closest friends and family.”

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CREDITS Photos I Got You Babe Weddings // Bridal gown Alice McCall // Shoes Miu Miu // Rings Suzi Zutic and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska // Jacket Etro // Shirt, cufflinks and shoes Paul Smith // Pants Aquila // Ceremony Lower Barrakka Gardens, Malta // Reception Rampila, Malta // Celebrant Gail De Bono.