We like anyone with a pug named Brooklyn and these two are no exception. In fact, we’re a little obsessed with this quirky pair.

A creepy statement perhaps, but after seeing this shoot by the lovely Alana Blowfield, we think it’s justified. Their house is so dam cool! The tiles, the wallpaper, the mini cacti – we love it all! Now, not only do we want to be friends with these guys, we want to move in too!

With so much personality, Perth photographer Alana decided it would be the perfect space for their “warm up” shoot, weeks out from their destination wedding. “The home of the couple was very fitting as it has a lot of character and I just wanted to capture them in their own space, as they are. And of course with their cute pug Brooklyn who plays a starring role in the photo shoot and their lives”, said Alana.

There was no over-the-top styling or wardrobe changes, just Rachel and Adam, two young hearts, madly in love. So if this is what they’re like just cruising at home, we can’t wait for the wedding!

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CREDITS Photos Alana Blowfield.