Rach and Jona’s wedding, captured by photographer Bek Grace was a day filled with love from all around the world. Held at The Scots PGC College in southeast Queensland, Rachel and Jonas married inside a sophisticated, sandstone chapel, complete with stunning, stain-glass windows. “Being from different countries (Norway and Australia), cultures and hemispheres we wanted to celebrate the union of everything that was coming together in our marriage”, says Rach about the inspiration behind their day.

Nearby, Bek Grace found a quiet field where she could play with the golden hour light to create the most breathtaking portraits of the lovely bride and groom. Something she seems to effortlessly achieve with every wedding she shoots. For us her images always take us on a very romantic journey (slowly scroll through her images whilst playing “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and you’ll know exactly what we mean).

A lover of all things gold and glittery, Rach added some sparkle to their day in her gorgeous Eileen Kirby gown, which she discovered at a local shoe store. “It so happened that the little shoe store had a single rack of dresses at the back, and there hung that gorgeous, blush, full tulle skirted, Eileen Kirby dress. Of course I thought it was beautiful immediately, but it wasn’t white and my mind wasn’t that open? I tried it on, and they gave me some gorgeous shoes to wear, and I didn’t want to take it off.” Complimented with gorgeous florals by AD Artistry, she looked, as Jonas put it, “S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!.”

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CREDITS Photos Bek Grace Photography // Cinematographer MK Motion // Bridal gown Eileen Kirby // Hair piece and flowers AD Artistry // Shoes Betts // Rings Kimmison // Jewellery Lovisa and Adorne // Bridesmaids dresses Keepsake // Grooms suit and shoes Roger David // Bow ties Michael Innis Menswear // Ceremony and reception The Scots PGC College, QLD // Catering Bluebird Kitchen // Cake Topper Happiness Place // Stationery ConteurCo via Etsy // Hair and makeup BellaDonna Brides // Music You and Me // Celebrant Pastor Darren Muller // Morris Minor (privately owned)