With a brand new baby on the way, it seemed fitting that this kind and soulful pair would choose to have a family weekend away in lieu of a traditional wedding.

In just three months they organised an intimate affair at Maleny Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland that celebrated all the good things in life – food, music and time spent together.

They also honoured the life of Robin’s grandfather who sadly passed away only four weeks before their wedding. “It was special to come together as a family to celebrate during a difficult time…” says Kerry, whose sister Tessa happened to be their celebrant.

While Kerry, a passionate bee keeper, liked the idea of having honey as their wedding favours, he and Robin both agree that their best idea was to hire photographer Luke Going.

“We are so honoured that it was Luke who was there to witness and capture our special day”, says Robin of the only person attending their wedding who wasn’t a family member.

“We are in awe of Luke’s beautiful work, the depth and romance is absolutely wonderful. We have been revisiting the images over and over again and every time they make us smile and our hearts fill to the brim!”

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CREDITS Photos Luke Going Photography // Bridal gown Biege Vintage Co via Easy // Shoes Walnut Melbourne // Hair Heads in the Cloud // Grooms suit Massimo Dutti (jacket), Germanicos (shirt) and Rodd & Gunn (pants) // Grooms shoes ShuBar // Watch Antique and Unique Watch Co // Flowers Maleny Montville Florist // Ceremony, reception, furniture and signage Maleny Retreat, QLD // Catering Love My Food // Cake Cakes by Zoe // Decorations and favours Mudgy Made // Celebrant Marriages by Tessa.