Every proposal is different. And of course every one is special. But not many women will be telling their grandchildren this story…

Ryan met Chelsea when they where both songwriters for the Sydney Children’s Festival Choir back in 2011, and started our folk band ‘The Campervan Dancers‘ in 2012. Determined to begin their journey with a bang, Ryan proposed to Chelsea by putting together a surprise flashmob.

Photographer Joshua Mikhaiel tells us, “the group of musicians and backup singer/dancers congregated at the park, instruments in hand awaiting the fateful text message to let them know Ryan and Chelsea had arrived. Ryan managed to play it cool enough to let Chelsea think he was just playing her a song by himself till a drummer appeared round the corner during the second verse… little by little the band grew and well… the rest, as they say, is history.”

The final moments of Ryan’s performance (and most importantly, the moment Chelsea said yes) were caught on camera and you can check it out below. In less that three minutes we guarantee you’ll fall in love with this pair too.

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CREDITS Photos and cinematography Joshua Mikhaiel