Let’s rewind and take a look back to Sally and Benny’s wedding, featured in issue two of Hello May. Flicking back through the pages, seeing these gorgeous photos from Queensland fave Julian Beattie was like finding buried treasure, and we just had to share.

From the moment they were engaged Sally and Benny knew the style of wedding they were after. £We just wanted a big outdoors, under-the-stars, relaxed party,— said Sally. £I grew up in Noosa, my family are there, and Benny absolutely loves it.— They locked their eyes on their stunning location, Yandina Station, where they had the space to do what they chose, and never looked back.

A bit of advance prep was somewhat a running theme in this wedding, with Sally also finding her dress early in the piece. £I tried this dress just after we got engaged, and before we had planned even one thing for the wedding. We didn’t even know when or where it would be, so I didn’t buy it on the spot. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, though, and ordered it months later. It was so me and so perfect and if I could wear it everyday, I probably would.— Best then she top it off with that delightful floral crown each time too, as it rounded out the outfit so perfectly. Sally says, £I really wanted the fresh floral crown from the beginning. I looked at veils too, but nothing worked with my dress like this did. We didn’t do a practice crown, so I wasn’t sure if I would wear it until the day, and had individual white roses as backup. When it arrived it was perfection, I almost cried.—

Calling in Nadia from Lovebird Weddings who, a total pro, did an amazing job of styling the outdoor affair, Sally and Benny set about with some friends and family to take on a bit of DIY in the meantime. Sally says, £My artist friend hand-drew our beautiful menus, my twin sister and star bridesmaid Meg hand-stamped all of the place cards, Benny made the This is where our story begins sign’, which hung over the entrance to our ceremony. He had one of his groomsmen still painting it the morning of the wedding. Luckily I didn’t know this at the time!—

Family involvement and sentimentality continued with Sally’s twin sister reading a poem special to them and that Sally had read at her sister’s wedding, I Carry Your Heart. To ensure a memorable ceremony they also worked closely with their celebrant Stephanie Neal. £I had these kind of crazy, romantic ideas about a ceremony based on old, romantic love letters, and Stephanie put together such a beautiful and completely romantic ceremony for us that felt the right amount of personal.— Sally says, £The ceremony was really the favourite part. Walking down the aisle, seeing Benny and all of our closest family and friends there was so emotional and overwhelming. Mia singing Can’t Help Falling In Love’ as I walked down the aisle. The whole ceremony was romantic and beautiful and funny at times, and just so us. I also loved being off together having our photos taken. It was the one time in the day we were alone together, and could look back at everyone else in the garden having fun.— Some fab photos of one very loved-up couple indeed they turned out to be!

Issue two sold out long ago but lucky for you loads more real wedding can be found on the pages of issue one, three, four and five, all available to order (with FREE postage for Aussie residents) right here . Issue Six will also be on sale September 4.

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CREDITS Photos Julian Beattie // Bridal gown Temperly London // Shoes Scanlan & Theodore // Accessories Jenny Packham and Tiffany & Co // Stylist Lovebird Weddings // Flowers Floral Art // Bridesmaids dresses Alice & Olivia // Grooms suit The Dressing Room // Ceremony and reception Yandina Station, QLD // Catering Rolling Dolmade // Cake Sweetness Contained // Stationery With Love Stationery // Music Mia Wray and Simon Watson Band // Rings Robert White Jewellers // Hair Lilly Fontana // Makeup Pru Edwards // Celebrant Stephanie Neal.