£It was super romantic – I was vacuuming!— says Sally cheekily when asked about Steve’s proposal. £It was kind of perfect though. We’d picked out the ring together a few months before and on the day he proposed we’d just finished celebrating the baby shower for our first born. In between that moment and our wedding day we welcomed two beautiful, healthy boys into the world. Don’t ask us how we organised a wedding with two little ones but somehow we did it!—

As to the overall vibe of their wedding day (which first appeared in issue eight) Sally says, £Having children before marriage certainly dictated the type of wedding we both planned – it was fun, relaxed and simple. Good food, good music and good company!— says Sally of their incredible day, held at Steve’s parent’s place. Though despite having an incredible team of vendors on board (cue Heart and Colour and The White Tree) she does admit it was testing at times.

£This wedding was a serious labour of love! I think I was a little overzealous with all of my ideas and having a builder fiancû?, poor Steve had to do a lot. If we didn’t hire or buy it, we made it.— She wasn’t lying – together they made place cards, menus, table numbers, homemade tomato relish wedding favours, a bar full of booze and the beautiful wooden love heart which sat above the bridal table.

Fortunately Sally’s search for her dress was far less laborious. £My dress was a Johanna Johnson gown from Intique & Co bridal boutique. They were the first and last boutique I walked into. It was the very last dress I tried on and completely different to what I had imagined I’d wear but it was perfect. Classic and simple.—

Happy to pass on most traditions (a champagne tower instead of a cake? Hell yes!) one thing they did want to include was a photo of Sally’s father who’d passed away almost a year earlier. £To honour him we had his favourite picture of himself (he quite fancied himself) framed with his father-of-the-bride boutonniere and seated next to my Mum during the ceremony—, says Sally who still laughs about son number one not wanting to miss out either.

£During dinner our two year old son had escaped the nanny and came bursting into the reception, running through all the tables with only a nappy on and completely covered head to toe in his dinner. Everyone let off a big cheer and clapped for him – he loved it! He kept it all real and reminded us why were doing what we were doing.—

The reason? £We knew since we were teenagers that we would be together and after bringing two beautiful children into this world, marriage was just the next step for us in this life we’re building together. He’s my person and I’m his.—

VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour3 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour4 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour2 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour6 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour3 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour8 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour9 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour4 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour11 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour5 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour13 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour7 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour15 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour17 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour18 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour19 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour20 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour21 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour8 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour9 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour10 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour23 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour11 elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour13 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour25 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour26 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour27 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour28 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour29 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour30 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour31 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour32 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour33 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour34 VIC-elegant-romantic-DIY-country-wedding-heart-and-colour35

CREDITS Photos Heart and Colour // Bridal gown Johanna Johnson // Shoes Dolci Firme // Flowers The Fresh Flower Man // Rings Trewarne // Jewellery Ryan Storer // Bridesmaid dresses Kookai, Willow, Zimmermann and Piper via Myer // Groom and groomsmen suits and ties Jack London // Grooms shoes Windsor Smith // Ceremony and reception private property, VIC // Catering Coila McCracken Boutique Catering // Champagne tower Betta Party Hire // Hair Lauren Mackellar // Makeup Ashleigh Evan // Music The White Tree // Celebrant Heather Boundy Civil Celebrant // Transport Abbey Road Classic Car Hire // Chairs Complete Function Hire // Marquee Peninsula Party Hire // Linen Linen Hire From Di Simmons // Portable bathrooms Rent A Bathroom // Nanny Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency.