We know that the rustuc-style wedding is pretty popular at the moment, but pair that with an equally rustic barn and a brooch bouquet (yes, you read right – a bouquet made of brooches!) just outside of Nowra on the south coast of NSW, and you have yourself one hell of a wedding!

Together for two and a half years, Sarah and Matthew admit they left planning their big day a tad late. Sarah tells us, “We didn’t start until about 3 months before our wedding date (I don’t suggest you leave it that late). So a month before the wedding I will admit I was freaking out a little about bits and pieces, but the motto we went by was don’t stress, because when you do things go wrong!”

But, with the day captured by David Campbell Imagery and styling done entirely by the bride, groom and their loved ones, their stress levels did not seem to get in the way at all! David tell us, “Their wedding was an absolute pleasure to shoot. Driftwood Shed is a quaint/rustic venue tucked away just outside of the town of Nowra on the NSW south coast. Sarah & Matthew’s wedding was a true DIY wedding and it rocked! All their friends and family pitched in and helped make it a magical day. I loved all their unique touches on the day and especially their choice of wedding attire. They did it their way!”

It can be tough to find a decent barn in New South Wales (QLD seems to have an abundance of them) but the bride and groom didn’t have to look far to find this one. “We actually came across it on the internet and thought we would make a day of it, a nice drive down the south coast, When we got there we instantly fell in love, and booked it in! we didn’t even question looking at other places.” We don’t blame you at all Sarah and Matthew, not at all!

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CREDITS Photos David Campbell Imagery // Rings Michael Hill and Safari Lee Jewellery & Metal wear // Jewellery Tiffany & Co. // Bridesmaid’s dresses Bettie Page // Grooms Tux/shirt P. Johnson Tailors // Grooms shoes Windsor Smith // Groomsmen suits/shirts P. Johnson Tailors and Topman // Bow ties/ties P. Johnson Tailors // Ceremony and Reception Venue Driftwood Shed // Marquee, chairs, tables Discount Party Hire // Catering Deli on Kinghorne and Family