Before Sarah met Peter, she had been single for some time, as she explains, £It’s not that I wasn’t good at being single. I loved living alone. I had so much spare time I actually started a blog about all the books I was reading. My life was one glorious indulgence.”

But then she fell and fell hard, and it seemed that so had he. You see, early on in their relationship Peter, an aid worker for the Red Cross, was sent to Afghanistan for 12 months and as a going away gift, left Sarah with no less than 365 love letters as a reminder that he would be thinking of her – every single day.

The proposal came shortly after his promised return and in a short space of time, Sarah and Peter had successfully planned a day as personal and heartfelt as his handwritten letters.

£We wanted something super casual, fun and relaxed. Close to home and something we could make our own—, says Sarah who, true to her word, kept things simple by having their ceremony and reception in the one space following their first look and portrait session with Hello May faves And A Day Photography.

Appreciating Peter’s passion for native plants and sustainable living, she also organised My Violet to makeover Redfern Town Hall with a boat load of native blooms and creative duo Ashdown & Bee to build a set of beautiful bespoke signs.

Beyond that however, almost everything was done in-house, including an Acknowledgement of Country ceremony performed by Peter’s Aunt. £We organised the venue set up, styling and most things by ourselves, we needed a lot of help. Fortunately, our families and friends loved being involved—, says Sarah whose best friend went above and beyond, unveiling a video she’d made filled with messages from all of Sarah and Peter’s loved ones from around the world.

£I can’t watch it without crying even though I’ve seen it dozens of times.— With more than enough happy tears and delicious desserts to go around, Sarah and Peter’s day was a reminder of just how far they’d come.

A journalist, Sarah once wrote £I was right to have waited. To not have settled for the guy with the eating disorder from RSVP or the blind date who got a DUI on his way to the bar.— And judging by these gorgeous photos of a couple so clearly present in the moment and in love, we think she was right too!

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CREDITS Photos And A Day Photography // Bridal gown Cotton House // Hair piece and flowers My Violet // Grooms suit and tie M.J. Bale // Ceremony and reception Redfern Town Hall, NSW // Catering Fresh Catering // Cake The Little Crumb // Signage Ashdown & Bee // Vintage decor Totally Secondhand // Stationery Liz Elton // Hair and makeup Julia Green // Music Tyson Koh // Celebrant Alex Hore // Transport Silver Service Taxis // Cinematography Liquid Pictures // Event management The Style Maison // Lighting and Mexican flags 1000 Stars.