A dream team on their dream day was exactly what these two got. Over the years, as their feelings for each other grew so did the talents of their closest friends. Their bridal party turned out to be a particularly talented bunch – together they had a band, a florist, a DJ, and a few MC’s. Sarah says “it was so great to have our best friends being the driving force behind the day making every detail so perfect and fun!”

Having known each other since school Sarah and Sam were quick to decide on what else they wanted. In less than a year she’d chosen her stunning Aurelio Costarella gown and Grace Loves Lace cardi and picked Little Creatures in Fremantle, Western Australia as their charming reception venue and locked in our mates from Fox & Rabbit to pull together some floral excellence on the day. And with talented West Australian wedding photographers Still Love on hand to capture every glorious moment… how could they possibly go wrong!

In fact the only thing they didn’t pick was the weather. At their gorgeous ceremony, joyfully styled with vintage chairs from Rustic Romance and splashes of bright flowers and oversized balloons, it poured! “It was like a giant bucket of water was poured on top of us”, says Sarah. But in the end it didn’t matter. Being surrounded by so much love and joy made it a day better than any other.




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CREDITS Photos Still Love // Bridal gown Aurelio Costarella // Jacket Grace Loves Lace // Shoes Zu // Flowers Fox & Rabbit // Jewellery Colette // Groom and groomsmen suits Jack London // Grooms shoes Zu // Bow ties mkay // Ceremony Yellagonga Regional Park // Reception Little Creatures // Styling Rustic Romance and Maisey Collections // Hair Rebekah Stanley // Makeup Milla Makeup.