Looking back to Issue 9, Shae and Mitch didn’t see the point in doing things half-heartedly – if they were going to throw a wedding, it was going to be a damn good one. “We really just wanted a HUGE New Year’s Eve party with a side of the wedding,” says Shae who kept the entire event lighthearted, including their vows (all of which was captured beautifully by She Takes Pictures He Makes Films)

“I promised to listen to him with an open heart even when he is talking about weather systems, conspiracy theories, NBA fantasy and his lawn. He promised to kill all the spiders unless they were bigger than a 10 cent piece, in which case he would hire a professional. I promised to protect him from his worst enemies, including open drawers, coat hangers, the ocean and fruit mince pies. He promised to define the mess I leave around the house as organised chaos’,” recalls Shae, adding that her and Mitch share more than just the same sense of humour. “People joke that we are the boy and girl version of each other. We are both professional athletes. We are also in business with each other”.—

It seemed inevitable that the celebrations would take place on Mitch’s parent’s property in country Victoria – their home away from home’ – and while it’s impossible to nominate just one thing that set their day apart, their DIY efforts were certainly one of them. £Because the property was about a 20-minute drive from the town centre we created a tent city for guests to crash. We found these little pop-up tents. We decked them out with little care kits (a £vommy— bucket filled with panadol, water, Gatorade, deodorant and a shower kit). We also used our label ONCE Upon a Run’s resources to create a little merchandise stall stocked with #SHITCHED tees. They made for awesome pics.—

There’s no doubt their athleticism went some way in helping them stay on top of their giant To-Do List, which for Mitch involved organising his very own pair of game day’ undies while Shae paid a visit to Pallas Couture‘s creative director Joy Morris. “Pallas was the first place I had a serious look and the very first dress Joy coaxed me to try on I fell in love with. From there, Joy and her team custom designed the most incredible dress that I felt truly comfortable in and still felt like me. Not some bride imposter.—”

Both Shae and Mitch admit, however, that things wouldn’t have been what they were without Thetis of Sooti Event Styling and Design. £Mitch and I went to the One Fine Day wedding fair in Melbourne. This is where we met the beautiful Thetis and from there it all just snowballed. She made our vision come true.—

There was live music, Spanish inspired food stalls, an incredible cake and plenty of locked lips come midnight but amidst the drinking and dancing there were some sentimental moments. £In the morning, my mum gave me a card and a ring box. I opened the card and inside was a message from my Grandmother who has passed when I was six years old. It read: My dearest Shae, this is for you on your wedding day. Love Nanny. Inside was the most amazing diamond ring which my Nanny had given to mum to give to me before she passed. This was the first time of many I cried that day.—


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