After months of searching it was Stangate House in South Australia that turned out to be the perfect venue for Sharmin and Joel to host their relaxed, vintage themed wedding. “Mum and I found Stangate House in a bridal magazine and they had one weekend still free for the entire year, but it was tentatively booked. When I got a call back to confirm it was available, I don’t think I bought groceries that week, I just paid the deposit immediately!”

Having always been a collector and lover of vintage things, Sharmin says the theme for their DIY day was a given. “Joel has always been into planes so I incorporated paper planes as well.” While it took nine months to accumulate enough decorative items for their day, their decision to have Ruby Yeo photograph their day happened the moment they saw some of her work. “For something that can be the biggest price point on your special day, they’re something you should be able to look back on for the rest of your life and can remind you of something you forgot, something that made your heart so happy. And Ruby Yeo did that perfectly.”

Dressed in a slightly altered, second-hand Collette Dinnigan gown Sharmin says the music was her favourite thing about their day. “For the first dance I suggested ‘This Guy’s In Love’ (the Faith No More cover). It’s a great song and I thought I should let Joel have something to sing to. He always sings to me. He sang to me during the whole song on the night, and in every photo I’m laughing. He’s even singing now…”

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CREDITS Photos Ruby Yeo // Bridal gown Collette Dinnigan // Hair piece Diva // Shoes Jo Mercer and Novo // Flowers Burnside Village Flowers // Rings Michael Hill // Grooms suit Peter Shearer // Ceremony and reception Stangate House, SA // Catering Gourmandiser // Styling Little Mim // Stationery Paper Flourish // Hair Gemma Vendetta // Makeup Beryn // Celebrant John Holmes.