“I came to Australia on a whim, just a dream of mine since forever”, says Shelby who after meeting James in Sydney, hasn’t looked back since. Originally from L.A. Shelby was keen to celebrate back home at Malibu West Beach Club with her closest friends and family. “I wanted it very boho, beach and DIY. I love dreamcatchers and incorporated those as much as I could. I wanted a complete relaxed vibe”, says Shelby who wore barefoot sandals by Tapu Lapu and a floaty, backless gown made by her dear friend, January Williams.

“I searched high and low for the perfect dress and I just couldn’t seem to find it so I decided to just get one made with all those things I wanted and it turned out perfect.” Married by another good friend Justin Baldoni, Shelby’s laid back attitude helped her keep it together when unlike her dress, things didn’t quite go according to plan.

“I left my stick on bra at home and went the whole day bra-less which I NEVER DO and I was kind of mortified. Also my wedding was an hour late not due to me not being ready, due to the horrific traffic.” With their entire day running behind schedule, photographer Ben Sowry was well and truly under the pump. Nevertheless, as Shelby describes “HE SMASHED IT”.

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CREDITS Photos Ben Sowry // Shoes Tapu Lapu via Etsy // Rings Prouds and Titanium Knights via Etsy // Accessories Lovisa // Grooms suit Jay Jays and Harris Scarfe // Bow tie and suspenders Sweet N Swag via Etsy // Ceremony and reception Malibu West Beach Club, USA // Catering Royal Court Catering // Music BigBUX Entertainment // Cinematographer Christopher Orrett.