This is the love story of a couple named Shona and Ben and their adorable French bulldogs Gregory and Gertrude. After meeting at a dog park, the two created a home with their two pups and and lots of love. Some time later, Ben lured Shona back to that same park and popped the question of a lifetime.

Though they originally wanted an outdoor garden wedding, Shona and Ben were well-aware that Melbourne weather can be quite fickle and they wanted to avoid being rained into a disappointing Plan B venue. That’s where The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens came in.

“After strolling down to it together, the second we walked into the Art Deco era building, bursting with colourful blooms we knew we’d found our ideal location.” explains Shona, who just wanted it to to be a fun and creative vintage inspired day with maximum flowers and vegan treats – which was all possible thanks to florist Wootton & Nicholls and caterer Smith & Deli.

“Our caterers were awesome, anyone who’s ever had anything to do with them knows how lovely they are. They gave us so many extra desserts, we’ll probably be on our way to diabetes in 2016 from all of the vegan cheesecake in our freezer,” the couple tells us, adding that photographer Dean Raphael was standout as well.

While their celebration turned out to be the relaxed shindig they’d hoped for, funny moments weren’t hard to come by with these two, who’d pretty much planned to exchange their Charles Rose rings over a wrought iron and slat bridge over a pond. Yikes! “With inevitably nervous hands we were running the real risk of feeding them to the large resident gold fish below. We probably gripped them extra tight, but luckily they didn’t become fish food.”

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CREDITS Photos Dean Raphael // Bridal gown Mariana Hardwick // Shoes and groom’s shoes Vegan Style // Accessories Kylie J Bridal // Hair and makeup Diana Djurdjevski // Rings Charles Rose // Shirt and pants Ted Baker // Tie The Hill-Side // Barber / grooming D & T // Pet accessories Beg Your Pardon // Florist Wootton & Nicholls // Stationery Zetta Florence // Ceremony Fitzroy Gardens, VIC // Reception Stagger Lees, VIC // Catering Smith & Deli // Decorative elements Reclaimed and The Junk Company // Furniture hire Melbourne Table and Chair Hire // Celebrant Nathan Russo.