Issue five was filled with a bunch of awesome couples, and Sonia and Jules if you might remember were one of them… Today we rewind back to that very romantic day when they said ‘I do’.

It didn’t take Jules long to decide Sonia was the one’. Just over a year after they first met, he popped the question on a trip to Byron Bay with a ring he’d quickly bought from a gift shop moments earlier. Sonia tells us, £I was so caught up with emotion that he wasn’t sure if I’d said yes (he even had to ask if he could stand up yet).—

Sonia and Jules set out to create a day that was £part woodlands, part 1950s vintage, and most importantly, all us,— says Sonia. £We were more comfortable having a daytime celebration and it really paid off. It was quite a long engagement so we’d had plenty of time to plan what we wanted. Of course there were issues with personalities, stress over exams, plus a new job, plus finishing the wedding dress in time (and fitting into it too!) but mostly it was smooth sailing.—

It helped that they had chosen a fabulous photographer by way of Lara Hotz. Sonia tells us, £Lara was so enthusiastic. From the very first moment I received countless random emails with ideas, all exactly within the realm of what we wanted. It was so nice to have someone who understood us and knew the way to capture our day.—

Their high tea at The Audley Room inside Sydney’s Royal National Park, which also happens to be the second oldest National Park in the world, turned out to be quite a creative affair, with The Sisters using their flower power to create breathtaking bouquets and Sonia spending many months making her own wedding gown. £I made it myself, pattern and all, after a series of sketches. It took around 18 months piece by piece to create. The style of the dress is 1950s tea length with a full petticoat underneath. The most special piece is the lining of the bodice, which was fabric handed down from my Nonna who passed away a few years ago. It was a little quirky as it had turnips printed on it. She also made her own wedding dress, so it was special to have that connection also.—

Perhaps her Nonna was there all along. As Sonia explains, £the moment we were pronounced husband and wife the clouds parted and a massive beam of light shone down on us as we kissed. It was absolutely incredible and noticed by everyone.— Of the morning spent getting ready Sonia says £My cool attitude faded and I was a tad frazzled. While chatting to one bridesmaid I went to butter my coffee instead of my toast, which had the pair of us asthmatics wheezing our lungs off with laughter.—

Fortunately, thanks in large part to Sonia’s mad skills and handful of talented vendors, the rest of the day panned out perfectly. £At the end of our reception we chose to have a getaway rowboat instead of a car, and from this I tossed the bouquet (a mini one for the event so I didn’t render anyone unconscious with a banksia). It was absolutely beautiful to have that time together, and also our first test as husband and wife as Jules rowed the boat with me whispering instructions down the river. We got stuck a few times, and thankfully did not tip over. It’s those silly little moments that make the day amazing.—

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CREDITS Photos Lara Hotz // Bridal gown made by bride // Veil Ava Vintage via Etsy // Shoes Jeffrey Campbell // Flowers The Sisters // Rings Harestree Studio via Etsy // Bridesmaids dresses Retrolicious via Modcloth and Fleet Collection // Grooms suit Tarocash // Grooms shoes Windsor Smith // Ties Snake Gully via Ebay // Ceremony Currawong Flat, NSW // Reception The Audley Room, NSW // Catering Belinda Franks // Cake Ocello // Celebrant Ian Wooley // Transport Cadillac Heaven.