After going away for her birthday with a friend, Sophie arrived back to Newcastle feeling pretty jet-lagged after a bus, flight and a train…with absolutely no idea that a proposal was looming. That is until Mitch’s ‘romantic gesture’ of waiting on the platform, instead of in the car, raised a red flag.

“When we arrived home to our unit there was candles EVERYWHERE, a framed photo of where we went on our first date and my favourite takeaway (because Mitch can’t cook). We sat through the worlds most awkward dinner (because of the elephant [candles] in the room). Then Mitch got down on one knee and proposed.”

While Sophie had originally booked a wedding venue (and cancelled the whole thing because she was so stressed) this pair opted to plan their whole day in under two months, right in their backyard. “We had just bought our first home as a couple and had always wanted to have a backyard wedding, so it seemed meant to be It is so special to know that one day we will be sitting in our backyard with our (future) kids and be able to tell them that ‘Mummy and Daddy got married right here’.”

Going for a chilled out wedding with as little stress and fuss as possible (with help from rad vendors like Lights For Lover and Wed By Kez). Sophie and Mitch steered clear of tradition by getting ready together, no formalities, and they had their photos by Mitch Pohl Photography taken before the wedding.

“Mitch Pohl was fantastic he made us feel so comfortable and happy. He is like a ninja, I barely even noticed him at my wedding (even though he’s like 7 foot tall) and then I received all these amazing photos. I was blown away by his kindness and talent,” explains the bride, who described marriage to a T.

“…To pick just one person to spend the rest of your life with is pretty amazing. You need to have a strong connection and friendship and that person brings out the best in you in the good and the hard times.”

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CREDITS Photos Mitch Pohl Photography // Bridal gown Lover the Label // Lingerie & Other Stories // Shoes Wittner // Hair Hardy’s on Hunter // Rings Heirloom Jewellers // Shirt, pants, shoes and socks David Jones //Florist Blooms on Darby // Printer Vistaprint // Ceremony and reception Private property, NSW // Decorative elements Ruby Rabbit // Wedding favours Kmart and Shindigs // Lighting hire Lights For Lovers // Celebrant Wed By Kez.