Planning a DIY wedding may be difficult for some but for Stacia and Chris, well-versed in music, construction, fashion and interior design, it was a piece of cake. From the bar to the coffee tables to the wedding arch, bouquets and more, there’s no denying that this handy couple put their hearts and souls into creating every aspect of their special day.

“Every single element felt like it had a touch of us in it and I just loved it all,” they explained. “We had so many people tell us it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!” With a team of talented vendors behind them, this pair created a space that was unique and real yet aesthetically pleasing – and photographer extraordinaire Beck Rocchi caught it all on film.

Fashion has always been important to the stylish bride, so her wedding was bound to be full of gorgeous garbs. From Tutu Du Monde for the flower girl to Jack London for the groom, great taste was never lacking. Stacia even designed her own gown, custom made by one of her former teachers from the Melbourne School of Fashion.

At the end of the day, the two had a word of advice for those tying the knot: “Above all else, when the planning gets nuts and things feel stressful, make some time to connect with each other.” To see Tutu Du Monde’s new collection, reminiscent of ethereal French ballet costumes click here.

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CREDITS Photos Beck Rocchi // Bridal gown and veil Rosa McIntosh // Lingerie Ambra via Myer // Accessories Iosseliani via Bona Drag // Hair and makeup Little Doll Face // Bridesmaid gifts and rings Corin Adams // Grooms suit Jack London // Grooms shirt Industrie // Suspenders Topman // Grooms shoes 124 Shoes // Barber Pickings and Parry // Groomsmen suits AS Colour // Flower girls Tutu du Monde // Florist Grown and Gathered, Soho Rose Farm and Earth Flower Apollo Bay // Ceremony and reception venue Bimbi Park, VIC // Catering Lorne Rawlings // Cake and other desserts Milkwood // Decorative elements Oxfam and The Woodsfolk // Furniture hire, marquee, signage and lighting Kata and Co // Stationery Ruby’s Tuesday // Printer Print Together // Entertainment Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Tommy Spender // Celebrant Elyjah McLeod // Cinematographer Tuan Nguyen.