Steph and Sam from issue eight, seem like the kind of couple where everything they touch turns to gold. Take their wedding day for example. Despite some initial reservations (should they stay or should they runaway?) their intimate, urban affair turned out to be a jaw-dropping event. £We were fairly disinterested in having a wedding initially (we were planning on eloping somewhere fabulous like NYC), but ultimately decided that we wanted to share the day with our friends and family. So we just made sure we focused on the things we like – good food, wine and friends/family and didn’t stress too much about the rest!— says Steph ever so casually.

And it seemed their recipe worked – from the moment Sam walked Steph down the aisle (her father having passed) not a single person was seen by photographer Luke Going without a big fat smile on their face. £His pics blew us away, and he was a legend – someone we’d want at our wedding anyway!— says Steph who was also happy to have foundThe Bridal Atelier, one of Melbourne’s finest bridal boutiques. £I tried on some dresses at different shops and didn’t feel like sequins were my style (I used to dance when I was younger and felt I was decked out in a costume)—, she says, deciding that a bouquet and veil weren’t really her either. £I later saw Sarah Seven’s beautiful designs on the Internet somewhere and then found that her dresses were only stocked at The Bridal Atelier. I loved the gorgeous girls at TBA, they were amazing, especially as I left the whole dress shopping thing a little late!—

The staff at Pope Joan were exceptional too, working tirelessly to ensure that Steph and Sam’s outdoor reception was everything they’d imagined. £We both love Pope Joan and go there often. Given we were focused on the food and wine, Pope Joan was an easy choice – we knew it would be phenomenal and it didn’t disappoint – food, wine, service, everything!—

The celebrations continued well into the night, helped by a timely round of espresso martinis. £We are both partial to an espresso martini and as planned, they made sure the dance floor was alive and kicking until the end of the night.— A couple who clearly did things their way. We’ll drink to that.

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CREDITS Photos Luke Going Photography // Bridal gown Sarah Seven via The Bridal Atelier // Shoes Sophia Webster via Grace // Jewellery Taega // Bridesmaids dresses Sew Right // Grooms suit and ties Suit Shop // Grooms shoes Double Monk // Ceremony Siglo, VIC // Reception and catering Pope Joan, VIC // Hair and makeup Greer Melrose // Entertainment Top Dog Entertainment // Celebrant Jason McCheyne.