This gorgeous young couple clearly have good taste, and not just in clothes. Shortly after getting engaged they tracked down legendary photographer Katie Grant to capture some candid images of them together enjoying the outdoors – and what a wonderful decision that was.

Never one to disappoint, madame Grant beautifully captured them flirting beneath Perth’s romantic golden light, choosing to shoot the entire session on film.

“These two are the sweetest and most tender couple and I cannot believe I had the pleasure of photographing them”, says Katie who also tells us Tabitha was in love with Jarrad long before he even started noticing girls in grade school. Cute!

Now we can’t wait to see their wedding as we have no doubt the photographs will be just as divine. Keep your eyes peeled folks!

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CREDITS Photos Katie Grant Photography // Dress Winona // Shirt Elwood Apparel Co. // Pants Topman // Film processing Photovision Prints.