You might recall the lovely Tegan and Jordan from Issue three of Hello May but for all our new readers (hello!), we’re excited to share these images by Shane Shepherd Photography, that are jammed packed with killer wedding ideas and enough DIY to make Martha Stewart proud!

In the hair-pulling, mudpie-making, tree-climbing school environment, Tegan and Jordan met each other at the tender age of six years-old, in year one. “I had been eyeing Jordan off from the age of six,” says Tegan. “It took Jordan a while to come around. Some 17 years!”

And so with almost two decades of anticipation culminating in their relationship, it’s no surprise they moved things along pretty quickly once they found themselves together, with Jordan proposing 12 months later.

Tegan and Jordan set themselves to the task of creating a wedding that would be a party to remember – something their experience as the co-founders of clever wedding video company Roost Film Co. no doubt prepared them for! “We made the most of the day by having the ceremony early in the afternoon so we could enjoy the afternoon with guests on the farm, drinking from the bar and enjoying EatDrink Catering’s mezze and canapés before heading off for photos.”

“We wanted our wedding to be one guests would remember so we invited Hello Mr. Jenkins along, compiled a killer playlist, and set up a dancefloor and fire pits under the stars. We made sure there was plenty of food and desert to go around too!”

Meanwhile, their family were total stars at chipping in with a hand or two when they needed it, while they hired some great decorations to help set the look, from Little Gray Station. Tegan says, “Jordan’s sisters took care of the cake and also hand-sewed 75 napkins. Brown napkins were impossible to find so we decided to make our own! Jordans parents and grandparents made fig and chilli jam for all the guests as favours and my brother and father built the arch we married under and the fire pits which kept our guests warm. The day before, the boys hung gumtree branches from the roof of the marquee while us girls put flowers together and made the finishing touches to the programs and table settings.”

Impressed? So were we and would you believe us if we also told you there are even more fab ideas waiting for you inside Issue three? Well there is and luckily it’s still available for back order via our online store. Issue six is now on sale too, so get your paws on a copy quick sticks by finding your nearest stockist here.

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Credits Photos Shane Shepherd Photography // Bridal gown Anna Campbell // Hair piece and flowers Elyssium Blooms // Shoes Wittner // Rings Paradise’s Facet 58 // Jewellery Samantha Wills // Bridesmaids dresses Asos // Groom and groomsmen suits Saba (shirts) and Country Road (pants) // Ceremony and reception Byron View Farm, NSW // Catering EatDrink Catering // Bar Hello Mr. Jenkins // Styling Little Gray Station // Prop hire Byron Bay Wedding and Party Hire // Stationery Birds of a Feather // Hair and makeup Erin Gallienne // Celebrant Pastor Dave Quak.