If these two faces look strangely familiar it may be that you already spied them in our first annual Real Wedding special. Tiff and Terra’s wedding truly was, as our cover proclaims, one of the best of the best real weddings we’ve ever come across and their recovery brunch the following day was just as awesome.

Their photographer Lucy Spartalis of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films was happy to hang around and capture some lovely moments as guests debriefed the following day at Secret Garden Byron Bay – one of Byron Bay’s best kept secrets, at least until now.

Centrally located, Secret Garden Byron Bay is a placed filled with hidden treasures. Decorated by renowned Australian artist David Bromley it boasts an exciting collection of eclectic pieces surrounded by plenty of native greenery. The perfect place for not only a recovery brunch but for an intimate, backyard style wedding this is one place that, like much of Byron, steals your soul and makes you want to do fun things – like drink wine and dance.

If you’d like to see Tiff and Terra’s wedding you can still get your paws on a copy of our limited edition Real Wedding Special, stocked in selected newsagents nationally and online via Mag Nation. But hurry, this limited edition coffee table book inspired mag is selling out fast!

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CREDITS Photos She Takes Pictures He Makes Films // Location Secret Garden Byron Bay.