After eight years together, high school sweethearts Xariet and Dan decided to tie the knot at Moby Dicks Whale Beach on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. Xariet says, “we had a longer engagement of 20 months to ensure we could book in all of our favourite vendors such as the perfect photographer Lara Hotz and of course the divine venue of Moby Dicks Whale Beach”.

Dressed in a gorgeous Grace Loves Lace gown and Samantha Wills accessories, Xariet was certainly a sight for sore eyes. “The dress is a gorgeous handmade Grace Loves Lace piece. I flew to their studio on the Gold Coast to try on all their dresses and chose the Charlotte which suited my body type best. I highly recommend Grace Loves Lace for brides looking for something different with great quality and it was really made with love”, says Xariet.

Xariet and Dan wanted their wedding to be “a fun party with everyone dancing to great music with solid beach vibes and a boho twist filled with the most lovely fresh flowers”. So with that in mind they hired Jodie McGregor, an award-winning florist and Salsa Kingz, Australia’s premier Latin band. “The band had the most incredible energy and got everyone involved”, says Xariet, who also hired Dan’s help to raise mini succulents in lace pots for their wedding favours. “We continue to get photos from our guests of their plants growing in their gardens”.

After hours on the dancefloor, guests enjoyed desserts by Spoon and Fork Cookies and Cakes and Pure Gelato – all of which was caught on film by the people at Cinemotive. “Everything was perfect” says Xariet. “We feel so blessed to have had the most magical day of our lives”.

Lara also shot Xariet and Dan’s beautiful engagement session late last year. It goes down in the history books as one of our all time fave shoots. Click here to check it out.

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CREDITS Photos Lara Hotz // Bridal gown and hair piece Grace Loves Lace // Shoes Forever Soles // Flowers Jodie McGregor Flowers // Rings Matthew Ely York Jewellers // Jewellery Samantha Wills and Tree of Life // Bridesmaids dresses Natasha // Groom and groomsmen suits Bonobos, shirts Top Man // Grooms shoes ShuBar // Ties Ben Sherman // Ceremony Mona Vale Headland // Reception, catering and styling Moby Dicks Whale Beach, New South Wales // Cake Spoon and Fork Cookies and Cakes // Stationary Klunk Creative Design // Hair Camila K // Makeup Christie Thornton // Music Salsa Kingz // Celebrant Melissa Duane // Transport Kombi Day Out and Valiant Wedding Cars // Cinematographer Cinemotive // Caricature Artist Peter Byrne // Dance Teacher Your Dance // Ice Cream Cart Pure Gelato.