With not a whole lot of spare cash up their stylish sleeves, a budget wedding was always on the cards for Yvonne and Boruch. Cue a whole lot of DIY. The catch? They were short on time too. The duo had decided on a short engagement of just two months, meaning everything had to be done quick-smart. Luckily for them, the casual feel they wanted for the night suited these constraints perfectly.

£We wanted a open vibe where everybody felt like they were at a dinner party,— says Yvonne. £Food came to the table on large plates rather then individual plates, and we didn’t have seating arrangements for a less formal feel. We decided to miss the formalities of a traditional wedding and opted for a more young fun vibe.
I think that really created the mood for the evening.—

Also helping them out on the budget side of things was the fact that Yvonne found her dress packed away at her own house  no, we’re not kidding! She says, £I looked around for a few dresses but didn’t find anything that caught my eye. Then I remembered that I’d bought a dress a while back from C’s Flashback and had it packed away in a box of clothes that I love but never wear. I rummaged through and found it, tried on the dress, and as cliche as it sounds I knew it was the one!”

The couple got their DIY skills to work, collecting jars to adorn with twine and fill with flowers. £We set all the tables ourselves and then had a friend set up the flowers while we got ready,— said Yvonne. “I really owe most of the DIY to my husband who personally hung up the fairy lights and set it up the day before so I could relax and get my hair and nails done!—

With the nuptials and casual dinner done (which included 30 sourdough loaves baked by a friend), the night moved into party mode. Yvonne says, £the band rocked! We played traditional Jewish music and then a mix of old classics and rock.Everyone was wild on the dance floor.—

Photographer Dan O’Day agrees. £I have to say, if you are a wedding photographer, you havent reached your full potential until you have been thrown into the middle of the amazing, hectic, and sometimes unpredictable world of a Jewish wedding. Yvonne and Boruch’s wedding was out of control in all the right ways. One of my favorite celebrations of all time.—

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CREDITS Photos Dan O’Day // Bridal gown C’s Flashback // Hair piece Rose Bay // Shoes Funkis // Grooms shirt American Apparel // Grooms shoes Squire Shoes // Ceremony Mort Bay Park, NSW // Reception Balmain Town Hall // Catering L’amour Catering // Stationery P2 Paper // Hair and makeup JA Double Bay // Music Night Owl // Celebrant Rabbi Eli Feldman