Melbourne, the city we always dream about, has proved herself once again, providing a beautiful backdrop for this sweet couple’s wedding photos by Maho and Pea. This dynamic duo are pretty great – the way they can simultaneously capture city charm and human emotion is quite a talent.

And so is Zoe’s bargain hunting skills. Her $675 Coye Nokes sandals were purchased on Ebay for $80, including postage! Her dress was also purchased second hand on Ebay and with a bit of added tulle, Zoe transformed her golden mini into a gorgeous bridal gown. “We only finished the cream tulle maxi skirt the night before but I was so happy with how it turned out!” she says.

The man on her right was a little less fiddly – a suit, shirt and uber cool bow tie from DivineDomestication and he was set. So off they went to get hitched and afterwards celebrated at Siglo in a beautiful, communal room filled with beautiful boquets and their closest family and friends. Zoe says, “the most important factor of our day was for everyone to feel comfortable and catered for. We deliberately kept the day to only 26 guests, so we could spend time with all of them”.

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CREDITS Photos Maho and Pea // Bridal gown Ebay, altered by Zoe // Shoes Coye Nokes via Ebay // Flowers Art Stems on Lygon // Rings Amulet Goldsmiths // Jewellery Colette and Lovisa // Grooms suit Bossini // Grooms shirt Pierre Cardin // Grooms shoes Blaq // Bow tie DivineDomestication via Etsy // Ceremony The Registry Office, Melbourne // Reception and catering Siglo // Cake toppers Cake-A-Boo // Stationary Tara Darby Designs // Makeup Ame Gaschk from Raven and the Rose.