Grooms on the hunt for an epic wedding day look, listen up! Also, let’s not forget you gals looking to leave a few hints… Do yourself a favour and check out the chat we had with the lads at suit specialists, Calibre, that recently ran in Issue 23. However, don’t be fooled. They aren’t just good at suits, guys. Calibre can dress you from head to toe – accessories, shoes, you name it, they have it. Scroll down for more from Tailoring Specialist and Designer, Domenic Colaianni. Scroll down for all you need to know now, and if you want more, read the full feature in Issue 23– limited copies are still available via our online store

What inspires Calibre’s new collections? “Our collections are seasonal. We begin a year in advance when the team and I go to the fabric fairs in Milan and Paris. We also scour the streets of Europe discovering trends and fabrics that inspire us. We get inspiration from major trends in terms of the runway, the print houses and the mills (fabric houses). We look at their archives a lot and then work with them to develop and change the design to make it unique to the Calibre brand and what we feel is right for the man wearing it.”

Tell us about the new collection and coming pieces… “We have a large offering to suit any man. Typically the collection contains three showpieces- usually tuxedos, two core lines (in black & navy) and seven highlight suiting options. They can wear a look that we’ve designed as a whole, but also mix and match and pair it with other pieces. It’s all about versatility.”

Can you please explain the creative process from design to tailoring etc? “We start by creating our tailoring in house with our pattern maker, Mauro, who has been with us for over 10 years. He has a rich tailoring background that started in the late 50s in Italy. We create our blocks (patterns) by forming our tailored jackets on fit models and busts. Then we pick fabrics and designs sourced from Europe. Calibre’s authentic tailoring expertise allows us to create the perfect garment fit and each year we do minor tweaks to achieve that.”

What are your basic guidelines to a well-fitting suit? “With jacket length, the rule is, when you’re clenching your fist, hold it straight and it should fall directly at the knuckle of your thumb. A centimetre here or there is acceptable, but anything too short or long can make a man’s proportions look out of whack. Sleeve length should always fall just below your wrist. You want to see a little bit of shirt. Pant length- it’s up to the individual, but if you’ve got a cuff and are wearing a pair of loafers and you want to show bare ankle, you need to go slightly shorter. Same if you want to wear patterned socks. If you’re wearing a dress shoe, you want to have one break in the pant length (one minor fold) and your trouser should always fall on the back of the heel of your shoe.”

How have the Calibre collections and grooms evolved over the years? “We have always made men look sharp and cool, yet effortless, so that they can walk into any room and know they look their best. Men are more confident and we’re able to create more with them. Especially now with weddings, it’s not so much traditional black tie anymore. Black tie can now be a lounge suit, and men love wearing separates now. So society has evolved and is more accepting in terms of what men want.”

What is your favourite design from the latest Calibre collection? “Our tuxedo capsule is the ultimate collection. Premium fabric and styling make it the standout.”

What is the price range of your collection? “Our tux jackets start from $850, our tuxedo suit (pant and jacket) roughly around $1100, our suits range from $848 to $1000. Our shirts vary from $199 to $249. Ties $149, cufflinks start at $99, pocket squares are from $69 to approximately $100 and shoes from $399 to $500.”

What advice can you give to the groom looking for his wedding day get up? “Know what you want, but know that not always what you think you want is going to suit you. Be willing and open to try on and let someone show you different alternatives. We’ve had guys come in months in advance, and the day before the wedding and our staff will turn anything around to make him feel amazing on his day, but ideally, come in roughly a month out from the wedding.”

Favourite men’s bridal trend you’re seeing? “Classic styles in shades of black, navy and ivory. But also forest greens and beautiful tobacco fabrics that are coming, as well as great prints that complement them.”

Do grooms need to make an appointment, or can they just walk in? “Anyone can walk into our stores and they will be greeted by trained in store stylists ready to make sure that he has the ultimate Calibre experience. He will feel relaxed and he will receive the best in expert guidance and support.”

Can anything other than suits, jackets and pants be found in your stores? Yes, absolutely. There aren’t many brands that can boast of being able to complete a full wardrobe for any man and any occasion. Calibre can do just this! We have an incredible range that extends from tailoring to resort wear, fashion, accessories and more- all with that feeling of luxury that Calibre is famous for.

Keen to see Calibre’s suits, shirts and accessories in action? Head to Calibre’s Directory Listing to see real life grooms in their get-ups and a contact form to get in touch directly.

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