We took five minutes for the Local Folk pages of our last issue (you’ll find issue 23 available in our online store) to chat to bridal gown designer and vintage lace extraordinaire, Alyssa Soovoroff of Lost in Paris. OK, so judging by the below we got a little carried away, right? Well, it’s lucky for you, because we got the lowdown on her incredible bridal gown brand and today, we bring you the background on her business, as well gorgeous shots of her studio and dresses. Scroll down for all the images by one of our fave HM Directory vendors, Scott Surplice Photography. He also shoots epic weddings, guys. We’ve blogged a bunch and you can check them out here

For all the brides out there, can you please describe what Lost in Paris is all about? “It’s an ethical fashion label specialising in made-to-measure wedding gowns. Environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our business.”

How do you ensure environmental sustainability? “Our gowns are hand-crafted from antique lace. We salvage and repurpose this, which means your wedding gown will have a low carbon footprint. There are no sweatshops and we strive for zero-waste.”

Where do you find your materials? “There is very little high-quality antique lace in Australia, so we source the lace primarily from France and the UK. Our overseas suppliers unearth it from antique markets, charity stores, auctions, garage sales and deceased estates.”

Who is the Lost in Paris bride? “She is eco-conscious, individual and creative. She wants a comfortable, one-of-a-kind gown crafted by a single set of hands, not a production line. She may be a vintage devotee who doesn’t have a traditional 26 inch waist – she avoids the intimidating, conventional wedding shopping experience. Her gown will set the mood of her wedding; casual and unbound by tradition.”

What are your three top-selling gowns? “Our Gypsy Wanderer- popular because of the incredible fabric (a silk piano shawl with fringing, hand-embroidered in the Art Deco era). Our Free Spirit gown- popular with curvy brides and our Edwardian, as we can incorporate pieces of inherited family lace, like your mother’s wedding gown.”

What is the price and size range of your pieces? “$1900 to $5000. We celebrate women of all shapes and sizes by making a gown to her measurements. We also have ready-made, standard sizes available from XS to XXL.”

What are you most proud of? “I set out to prove that it’s possible to create a profitable business in the textile industry that respects people and planet. The textile industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet and is driven by consumption, where profits are maximised regardless of environmental costs. However, the wedding industry is slowing changing. More brides are making choices based on ethical reasons and I am proud to have contributed to that.”

What’s coming for 2019? “I’m planning a few collaborations with other artists and designers within the ethical fashion world.”

Where can brides find your gowns? “We sell exclusively through our online store and Sydney studio.”

What is your ‘try before you buy’ concept? “You can borrow up to two sample gowns to try on in the comfort of your own home, free of charge. We deliver to your door- popular in remote areas. 

How far out should brides start the process with you? “The entire made-to-measure process takes eight weeks and can be done via email. A fitting is not necessary. We also accept returns if you change your mind.”

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