Hey, I’m Joel, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have immersed myself in photography, capturing the love stories of couples for a fantastic nine years. Honestly, it’s hard to believe I get to do this for a living—it’s a dream come true!

What makes me different? Well, I’ve always been drawn to breaking away from the ordinary. Weddings, to me, should be portrayed in a way that goes beyond the typical, clichéd shots. I want each image to truly reflect the uniqueness of every couple, steering clear of any overused wedding photo cliches. After all, every relationship is special, so their photographs should be too.

My true passion lies in candid and documentary-style photography for weddings. There’s something enchanting about capturing raw, unscripted moments—just people being themselves. Those genuine emotions and interactions are what truly touches my heart.

When I’m not busy behind the camera capturing connections, you’ll likely find me enjoying some action-packed pursuits. From scaling stunning cliffs during rock climbing adventures to riding my Honda Goldwing, and yeah, I might have a penchant for impulsive, meaningful tattoos that represent my adventurous spirit.

But above all, the moments I cherish the most are the ones spent with my amazing son. Creating memories together is just as precious to me as the photographs I take for others. Family always comes first in my book!