Driven by images that make you feel something, details that make your heart flutter and places that take your breath away. My images ooze warmth and connection and my aim is to transport you back in time and stir up feelings of love and nostalgia.

I’m Jess – the woman behind Lilac in Hand. I’ve been a photographer since 2011 and have been doing it full-time since 2018. Like a true creative, I dabble in many things – photography just happens to be the thing that stuck. And while I’m always up for big and bold shenanigans that involve ALL of your loved ones, I personally have a soft spot for elopements (since that is what I did myself).

I relish the opportunity to meet / chat with couples before locking everything in, because sometimes finding someone who is “the right fit” on a personal level is just as important as the work itself.

I’m a progressive, love a hearty and honest conversation and am loyal to a fault. In my (limited) spare time, you’ll find me tinkering with things around the house, crafting with my son Ardie, gardening, attending gigs or watching films in an actual cinema with my film nerd husband.

LGBTIQ diversity is welcomed and celebrated within my business. I aim to provide a space for everyone to feel safe and respected, to see and be seen.

If this sounds like your vibe, I would love to hear from you and create something meaningful with you.