We don’t know about you guys, but we don’t need to be in the market to buy new accessories to buy new accessories… I mean, it’s one of those things that you don’t need to need, you know? But then there’s the whole bride thing, and bridesmaids, and mothers (in-law and your own) – basically just anyone you need to give a gift to or accessorise for your big day – and there’s us, providing the goods in one big post you can peruse and click through to add to cart, all in one swift move of your mouse (or tap of your finger).

Forgive us, as below, you will find the latest in necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – say hi to Krystle Knight Jewellery (above) and RUUSK (below – with all the chunky gold rings!), not to mention the perfect mix of pearls and sparkle from Amélie George – and that’s just to name a few! And if you’re still searching for (or hinting at) that diamond of your dreams, check out the Aussie made jewels (more specifically engagement rings to die for) from Kate & Kole, Cushla Whiting and Grew & Co – sorry, not sorry.

If you’re wondering what that diamond set in a globe is (cue, Godavari Diamonds), it’s the unique way this brand showcases your choice of bling until you choose your setting – making for the prettiest proposal pre ring design. Genius. 

When it comes to the top and toe side of things, we have hats covered (even the cutest little bucket from Grace Loves Lace), boots from Blundstone for the chillaxed bride who’s keen on contrasting that gorgeous dress and heels from Forever Soles – all on pre-order ‘cos they’re so damn fresh. There’s platinum points from the ever-chic Meggan Morimoto, heels with a detachable, ah, heel, (a two in one anyone?!) and tie up sandals for the low key bride at heart.

Side note: We didn’t cover veils and capes in this post, but that’s because you’ll find them here in abundance. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you, friends!

But hey, that’s enough from us, scroll down and do your worst (ahem, best) and a happy Friday to you too!

Amélie George Maleny Statement Earrings, $129, shop online at Amélie George.

Meggan Morimoto Platinum Pumps, $POA, enquire at Meggan Morimoto.

Kate & Kole Lace Infinity Ring, $1400, shop online at Kate & Kole.

Blundstone Brown Leather Heeled Boots, $240, shop online at Blundstone.

Grew & Co [from back to front] Penelope Champagne Ring 2.02, from $13250, Fox Ring, from $4000, Half Moon Band, from $4090, Nina Ring, from $3890, Tia Emerald Cut Ring, $14640, shop online at Grew & Co.

Loeffler Randall Camellia Bow Heel Shimmer, $395, shop online at Loeffler Randall.

RUUSK Signet Rings, from $750, Fine Bands, from $765, and Wide Bands, from $850, shop online at RUUSK.

Tony Bianco Bounty Nappa Heels in Vanilla, Black & Honey, $199.95, shop online at Tony Bianco.

Krystle Knight Jewellery [From top] Fire Flies Sleepers, from $99, Calming Quartz Choker, $99, Quartz Necklace, $POA, Irredescent Diamond Cut Necklace, $179, Calming Quartz Bracelet, $89, Krystle Knight Jewellery.

Godavari Diamond (plus globe), from $1150, enquire at Godavari.

Mime Et Moi Pumps, $POA, shop online at Mime Et Moi.

Cushla Whiting Sapphire Rings, from $3300, shop online at Cushla Whiting.

Grace Loves Lace Lou Hat, $190, shop online at Grace Loves Lace.

Reliquia Collecctive Loren Earrings, $149, shop online at Reliquia Collective.

St Agni Asami Sandal, $229, shop online at St Agni.

Sarah J Curtis Hat, $POA, shop online at Sarah J Curtis.

Amélie George Earrings, $POA, enquire at Amélie George.

Meadowlark Inez Signet Ring, $2179, shop online at Meadowlark.

Forever Soles Passion Heels, $280, shop online at Forever Soles.

Växa Eufori Earrings, $440, shop online at Växa.