We’ve got big love for anything out of the ordinary, so when we fell upon Chantel Lauren, magic happened. Spinning an edgy line for the free-spirited bride, Chantel Lauren is all about building the foundation for an unforgettable moment because each and every girl deserves her day in the spotlight.

Handmade with love in good ol’ Salt Lake City, USA each gown is made to order in an extensive process that sets it apart from all others – sourcing the best of the best fabrics from around the world, sketching designs, hand crafting patterns, and modifying fit – it’s just another day at the office for Chantel Lauren.

With the goal in mind to create a one of a kind gown for a one of a kind girl, the 2016 collection has arrived after much anticipation. Available in a range of colours including blush, ivory and champagne, this collection features iconic gowns like Stevie, a tiered lace gown with fluttered sleeves, and Janis, a free-spirited gown with soft lace bell sleeves and tiered crinkle chiffon.

Our rock n’ roll hearts can rest easy now thanks to this truly legendary brand. For more info, contact Chantel Lauren here.

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CREDITS Photos Ty French // Bridal gowns Chantel Lauren // Hair and Makeup Kali Chris // Models Linden Baker, Nicole Pacheco and Eleanor Stevens.