Fashion designer Anita Benes, the mastermind behind fashion brand Daalarna Couture abides by the philosophy “sensual appearance for an unforgettable occasion.” Reflecting this idea in each and every one of her gorgeous creations, Daalarna is all about gripping figures, alluring fabrics and passionate tones of colour.

Daalarna’s latest range, the Flower Collection, is no exception. Inspired by the beautiful paintings of Oscar-Claude Monet and the harmonious combination of natural elements (sky, sun, water and flowers), this new bridal collection brings elegance and ethereal beauty as an image of spring fairies from the tales.

With lace embroidery, stunning floral patterns and Swarovski pearls, Monet’s most wonderful paintings are reflected in these exquisite pieces, as the spring flower theme dominates throughout the collection and the beauty found in nature becomes alive in every one of these magnificent gowns.

If you’ve got floral fever as a result of these flowery frocks, Daalarna is exclusively stocked at Hello May fave, Sydney’s Hope and Page.

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