After recently teaming up with One Day Bridal to create a custom collection of jewellery and candles (two of our favourite things!), we’re kind of obsessed with Damselfly.

Created by Christianna Heideman when she was only 19, Damselfly has been newly reinvented. Taking inspiration from everyday beauty and the night sky, the collection “now leads us into the treasures of home wares and beyond. The beautifully mad ones, the creative chaotic ones, all those burdened with the visions of perfection, is where the passion for Damselfly lives.”

Hand-selecting each and every unique white opal and precious diamond, Christianna creates these lovely pieces by hand. From stunning multi-wear neck pieces, to statements ear cuffs that “transform into delicate studs and dreamy reversible rings,” Damselfly impeccably combines fine lines with imaginative detail.

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