Based in Sydney, Kaliver is a high-end luxury fashion label that’s been years in the making. Their newest collection title Optic is effortlessly timeless, designed in Australia and handmade all over the globe.

An empowering blend of femininity and strength, the Kaliver brand believes that every woman is beautiful and works to complement and enhances this natural beauty. Inspired by the Australian goddess in her natural environment, Kaliver places a strong focus on unique and interesting fabrics.

Kaliver strives to have cutting edge design lines, simplicity, and elegance, all with a clean finish and endeavours to push the Australian Fashion Industry, but always directs their attention on creating wearable garments for the everyday woman.

Self-dubbed their “most breathtaking collection to be released”, Optic features a range of gorgeous garments like the Wavelength Dress, a beautiful floor length straight-line gown, and the Treasure Top, a unique silk blouse featuring extavagant artisan hand-beaded sleeves and an effortlessly plunging neckline and a supple roll over collar.

The collection can be shopped here now.

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