If words like “bohemian” and “romantic” make your free-spirited heart pitter patter, you’ve come to the right place. Los Angeles based designer Kite & Butterfly is made up of Australian twin sisters who grew up in a place they call the ‘Secret Garden’.

With early ambitions to be French pop stars, the duo lived and sang in Paris, London, and Berlin. Their European travels inspired a love of fashion, music and art.

Their designs channel seventies-era rock legends mingled with high glamour. Currently based in Hollywood Hills, Kite and Butterfly’s pieces are reminiscent of Parisian gardens and true bohemian chic, with soft floral laces, vintage-inspired embellishments, and delicate beaded fringe.

Unless you’ve got a trip to Hollywood Hills planned in your near future, Kite & Butterfly’s entire range can be shopped here. We promise, you’ll be smitten kittens with gorgeous gowns like the Rena, the Darling and the Anais.

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CREDITS Gowns Kite & Butterfly // Makeup Makeup By Megan.