Ahhh the French. They make everything look like a good idea – butter-soaked pastries for breakfast, stilettos on cobblestone streets and now we can add rocking canvas sandshoes with your wedding dress to the list!

These outstanding images hail from Parisian designer Laure De Sagazan and her 2012 made-to-measure collection and boy-oh-boy do they make us a little weak at the knees! Bohemian cuts, short hemlines and the ability to mix and match delicate lace and fine silk seperates – what’s not to love!

In order to get your hot little hands on one of Laure’s exquisite designs you’ll need a few thousand euros stashed under your mattress, a current passport and approximately 140,000 frequent flyer miles for a return trip to Paris (we checked!). So before you rush off to check your points balance with Qantas take a moment to sit back, relax and soak up these dreamy images by French photographer Laurent Nivalle.

Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay1 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay2 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay3 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay6 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay4 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay5 Laure-de-Sagazan_lace_vintage_bohemian_wedding-dres_gown_bride_hellomay7

CREDITS Bridal Gowns Laure De Sagazan // Photography Laurent Nivalle