Wedded in business and love, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are the key forces behind New Zealand’s Meadowlark Jewellery. Coming together from backgrounds in graphic design and skate culture, creativity and design inspire every element of their work, from presentation and purity of materials to customer experience.

Just in time for the festive season, Meadowlark has taken on intricate luxury in its tiniest form. With a fresh spin on some of their most loved classics, the brand is excited to present a new collection of miniature studs in five signature styles, available as micro stud earrings or as nose studs.

The miniature designs come in a carefully selected range of Meadowlark favourites; the Protea, the Heart, the Swallow, the Skull and the Star, and can be made from sterling silver or white, yellow, red or rose gold.

“One set of the micro studs is really sweet and subtle,” says Claire, “but you can go crazy and layer them up in multiple piercings anywhere on the ear. All five designs are really popular as full size studs and we love being able to present a new take on them.”

Priced from $69 a pair and $59 for nose studs, the miniatures are a perfect gift idea and a great way to start or add to a collection of covetable pieces from the cult brand.

The new range is now available online and in stores across Australia and New Zealand. Find your nearest stockist here to get your hands on these awesome accessories.

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