Finding the beauty in modern simplicity encapsulates the essence of Sarah & Sebastian – an Australian jewellery label launched in 2011 by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki.

Their newly released men’s collection echoes the Sarah & Sebastian ethos with the use of clean lines and fluid, modern designs. Conventional shapes meet with distinctive beveled and chamfered edges to create timeless, wearable pieces for the modern man.

Available in a range of different finished and made with precious metals including solid sterling silver and 9kt gold, this collection features signature Sarah & Sebastian pieces reimagined as menswear and was designed to compliment their casual yet sophisticated style.

Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-107 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-137 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-157 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-161 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-208 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-239 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-255 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-275 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-306 Sarah&Seb_Finals_300dpi__Full_sRGB_20151012-330

CREDITS Photos Ben Pexton // Jewellery Sarah & Sebastian.