Look, some peeps don’t fancy cake and that’s a-ok. Or maybe you’re just looking to add a couple of options for your guests. Either way, we aren’t judging. In fact, today we are doing the total opposite and encouraging you to think outside the box. We also just wanted an excuse to spend a morning looking at tasty treats. So there’s that, too. As always, here at Hello May we are all about doing it YOUR way which means no hard and fast rules. So whether you opt for one, five or all of the below, there’s no right answer.

We’ve also gone and done a little bit of research (because we know you already have plenty on your plate) so be sure to click through and get in touch with any vendors below that tickle your fancy. We’ve got options for guests of all dietary requirements from gluten-free to vegan. So no one will be going treat-less on your watch!

If you’re a little lost and are actually looking for cake, let us direct you to our Best of 2021: Cakes and Top 15 Cake Makers To Follow On Instagram posts. But! Not before you’ve done your due diligence and scrolled through this one first…

A Moët & Chandon Champagne Tower
Champagne towers. We’re all about em’. Why? They create that showstopper/focal moment without the sweet stuff. Plus…Champagne, of course. If you’re going to do one, we recommend doing it properly and getting champagne connoisseurs Moët & Chandon involved. Trust us, you don’t want to spend the morning of your wedding precariously stacking champagne saucers. These guys can sort you out for delivery, installation and pack up. When else will you get a chance to celebrate in such luxury, eh? Head on over here to check out the packages on offer (and nab yourself a Moët wedding planner whilst you are there!).

Savoury Grazing Board
Another showstopper and focal point without the cake! Grazing boards are pretty darn fine to gaze upon and something we’re sure your guests will love nibbling at. You can’t call yourself a grazing table fan if you haven’t yet experienced one of Garnish Creative Catering’s sumptuous feasts. Just look at the detail, the love, the fresh produce! They really are the best of the best. Using primarily seasonal and local produce, these boards are custom made so you can specify exactly what you’d like to see. Fresh fruits? Cheese? You name it, it’ll be there. Head on over here to get in touch.

Few things in life surpass the joys of fried pastry dough and fresh ricotta. If you’re going to swap out the cake for cannoli we recommend snagging a cute cart from which to serve your guests. VIC based Cannoleria offer a live piping service and a heap of incredible flavours. They also offer cannoli cakes if you’re after a centrepiece. NSW based? Pepi’s has you sorted.

Gelato is never, EVER a bad idea. In fact, serving it up to your hungry guests at your wedding is a rather fantastic one if you ask us. And who says you have to wait till after dinner to enjoy? Treat your guests to a post-ceremony ice cream whilst you grab a few portraits, with or without gelato in hand. One of our fave suppliers of this delicious treat is Mr Goaty Gelato who will bring along their vintage ice cream truck or gelato bike for extra fun. Just wait until you get a load of their flavour list, inspired by what is growing in their garden. We’re talking butter caramel, raspberry brioche, chocolate geranium and turmeric & orange. They also have a few goats milk flavours and vegan sorbets available.

Cocktails (*ahem* Espresso Martinis)
We’re pretty sure no one will be phased on the no cake scenario if espresso martinis are up for grabs. Nab a cute caravan bar like Mint Events Collective and your guests can rock up and collect an after-dinner treat as they fancy or get a fab caterer like Sabre Catering who can sort you out for dinner AND drinks. Summer wedding? Opt for something light and fruity instead.

Fairy Floss 
There’s something about this classic carnival treat that just gets us in a festive mood. Live out your wildest childhood fantasy and offer your guests fairy floss on tap. Our fave would have to be the pastel pink Flossy Byron Bay cart that takes a gourmet spin on things and serves up scrummy flavours like raspberry, rosewater and salted caramel. Flossy will even provide extra floss to the bar to garnish your signature cocktail.

Cheese (on cheese) 
Nuff said, right? You’re getting married so you may as well go all out and celebrate with the best food known to mankind. Go for a cheeseboard or grazing table if you’d like something more casual or stack up a couple of wheels of your fave if you’re all about the opulence. This gorge array from Albert & Co is what we’re talking about.

Granita Cart 
Oooft. Picture this – it’s a summer evening and you’ve just been enjoying a sweaty d-floor. Waiting for you in your dance break is an Italian-style granita cart. Heaven is a place on earth. Pepi’s have the cutest cart available and serve their granita straight out of lemon cups! Cute, huh? Granita is naturally dairy-free and vegan so you’ll be catering to all, too!

Fortune Cookies 
Honestly, what could be better than scribbling down some cheeky fortunes and looking on with delight as your guests crack open some delicious bickies? Melbourne babe Torte By Mirjana makes the snazziest fortune cookies going around so hit her up if you fancy the idea.

Assorted Desserts 
If you’re not feeling a tradish wedding cake, we urge you not to give up the baked goods category entirely. Plenty of bakers, like our mates over at Belle Bakes, offer other fab options like macarons, doughnuts and cookies. And don’t just settle for one! Why not provide your guests with a table full of em’?

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