If you’re a super floral fan like us, then we know that deciding on your wedding day blooms is bound to be one of the most exciting parts of the whole shebang. But that’s not to say it’ll be easy. No siree. (You can catch a bunch of our fave florists here if you’re looking to ease the burden!)

Nowadays, nothing is off-limits when it comes to bouquets – colours, blooms, textural elements, you name it! – which makes for some super fun inspo. But all that can be a little overwhelming. So here’s our two cents! Often, florists won’t actually nail down specific blooms with you until a few weeks out from your wedding. Florists are working with different growing seasons, availability (local and imported) and other unknown factors that affects what they will be able to procure the week of your nuptials.

So, what does this mean for you? Flexibility is key! When you are pinning to your floral inspo boards, try to keep in mind broader ideas of what you want: overall mood, colour palette and desired texture. Trust us, your florist will thank you and it will ensure you don’t get too caught up trying to recreate someone else’s bouquet. Plus, it’ll leave room to discover some gorgeous seasonal joys like River & Eve‘s homegrown chocolate comsos (four pics down!) and the gorgeous seasonal flannel flowers in Mrs Gibbons Flowers‘ bouquets below, as well as allowing your florist’s creative vision to flourish (check out FreakHaus’ daring pastel blue and red confection five snaps below).

In light of lending a hand in the inspo stakes, we’ve put together this handy lil post full of a variety of floral moods. We hope more than one will spark joy! And remember – you’re looking for colours, vibes and overall feel.

If you’re on a floral inspo roll and would like to take a gander at a few more equally lush bouquets then be sure to take a peep at our Best of 2021: Bouquets post and our Top 20 Florists to Follow On Insta post. If it’s ceremony inspo you need click here for Fun & Fresh Outdoor Ceremony Styling Ideas and here for 20 Gorgeous Indoor Ceremony Styling Ideas.

But for now, get amongst it, folks…

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