We’re whipping out our stretchy pants a smidge early this December because after putting together this scrumptious roundup, we may or may not have succumbed to temptation. Now, we can’t promise you won’t suffer the same fate, but we can promise a darn-tootin’ delish collection of some of the best cakes we’ve had the pleasure to peruse.

Lovers of all cakes (sponge, naked, rectangular and cheese), we have catered to you all, whatever your predilection. Do textures get your heart beating? Scroll down to The Bake Space’s all-white wonder just two cakes down. Keen to let your love of florals shine? Torte by Mirjana has got you covered (scroll down right to the bottom of this post for proof).

You’ll find inspo for cake toppers, dreamy colour combos and florals for days. If ‘more is more’ is the kind of vibe you subscribe to, you’re bound to find Stacey Brewer Cake’s fantasy above a real winner. A lover of lamingtons? Take a peep at Miss Ladybird Cake’s creation below.

But you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. So enough from us! Scroll down for a visual feast…

CREDITS Photos (from top) Damien Milan (Stacey Brewer Cakes), She Takes Pictures He Makes Films (Miss Ladybird Cakes), Jessica Mary Photography (The Bake Space), Acorn Photography, Doe + Deer Photography (Ekats Cake), Sandie Betrand Photography (Bridal Select Cakes), Blossom Daisy Creative (Emelia Jackson), Jack Henry Photo, Shae Estella Photo (Splash Events), Katie Harmsworth (The Cake Guys), Gold & Grit (Tidbit Cakes), Jackson Grant Weddings (Happiness Is Homemade Cakes), Jess Nicholls (Cakes By The Beach), Keeper Creative (Sugar and Salt Cookies), Sean Tak (Burch and Purchese), Maple and June (Na-licious Cakery), Lauren Campbell (La Ombre Cakes), Katie Harmsworth (Miss Flour Power), Shae Estella Photo (Zoe Clark Cakes), Ivory & Rose, Kirk Willcox Photography (The Cake That Ate Paris), Across The Forest (Millstone Patisserie), Tones & Harmony (Gracious Honey), Light & Type, Nick Skinner Photography (Torte By Mirjana).