Scrolling through thousands and thousands of weddings on the reg, we here are HM have been privvy to a some pretty damn good styling inspo along the way, and today we want to share with you some of our favourite indoor ceremony moments. We’ve been squirrelling away a collection of beauties for a little while now and decided it was high time to share the goods. From exposed brick walls to epic floral installs, we hope you can find something to inspire you.

Your ceremony is your wow moment. It’s the moment all your guests are there for and the one that will live on in your memory for all time. We say go all-out. But going all-out looks different for everyone. It might mean calling in Bloom Boy to whip up an phenom  installation or suspending single flowers like the team from Nudo Events and Anatomy of Flowers did above (loving!), or it may be candles galore and simple yet thoughtful DIY elements. In the pics below you’ll find plenty of colourways, lighting options and floral goodness to ogle over.

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Now, without further ado, have your Pinterest board and wedding planner handy and peruse at your pleasure! Always keen to pack our posts with value, you can scroll right to the bottom to find the talented humans responsible for these setups as well as the good folk behind the lens.

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