You know those weddings that offer up so much goodness in the way of ideas and inspiration, you walk away giddy with excitement and brimming with ideas for your own big day? Well this is one of those weddings!

Groom Darcy looked very dapper in his custom made Phillips shirt with homemade boutonniere and Polia looked stunning in her BHLDN gown (regular readers will know we love a short wedding dress here at Hello May). Her hair and makeup, created by the lovely Rebecca Paris of Green Scarf Girl, was so beautiful we couldn’t wait to get this feature live just so we could pin these images to our Pinterest board!

The ever so creative Polia and Darcy tied the knot on the Yarra River in Warburton, VIC and boy-oh-boy can they pull together one hell of a party (thank goodness Jason Valler was on hand to capture all the action!) Polia and Darcy, along with close family and friends, created so many of the days elements themselves, we’re talking bunting, tissue paper pom poms, felt pom pom bouquets, candles that hung in mason jars from the trees… heck, they even made their own wedding bands at Melbourne’s Centre for Adult Education “Make a ring in a day” course, how sweet (and impressive) is that!

Graphic artist and all round greenie Polia was keen to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as she possibly could on her wedding day. When it came time to make some decorative garlands Polia put her collection of Frankie magazines to good use by cutting out her favourite images in squares & rectangles then backing them with matching eco-fi, (which is felt made from 100% recycled plastic bottles for those of you not in the know), before sewing them together to make a series of rather fetching garlands.

Polia also set about soaking the labels off all of their red wine bottles and stuck photos from their childhood onto each bottle, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock of course! Polia says “the guests loved them and some where even taken home!” All the plates & cutlery used were biodegradable too.

Polia comes from a big European family, being Greek & Italian, there was a hard road ahead for her to plan a wedding the way she wanted. Darcy’s Aussie background made his family a lot easier to please? In the end, everything came together perfectly with both sides of the family absolutely loving the whole weekend which was so unique to them and almost completely DIY!

Polia says “we only had a few feet to walk to the garden of The Kitchen Boys. Everything was set up beautifully and I was blown away. It was the perfect vintage garden wedding. We greeted all of our guests with our Kelpie, Indi, under a beautiful iron archway.”

As the reception came to a close, most of the guests walked back to Birchwood Manor (a gorgeous house that they had hired for the weekend) and there, the party continued with Darcy’s mother, uncle and cousin playing their guitars and singing well into the night.

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CREDITS Photos Jason Valler // Bridal gown BHLDN // Shoes soleDevotion // Rings Handmade by Polia and Darcy at CAE // Earrings Oui Vintage // Flowers La manna Fresh // Bouquet Handmade by Polia // Bridesmaids dress For Her and For Him // Grooms shirt Custom made by Phillips shirts // Grooms pants and shoes Incu // Bow ties Dangerfield // Ceremony Public decking on the Yarra River // Reception and catering The Kitchen Boys // Cake Sugadeaux cupcakes // Stationery Polia Wachtel Designs // Hair and makeup Green Scarf Girl.