After meeting at their local church, Abbey and Callum became inseparable. 5 and a half years later, this pair have begun running a kids group together and have gone on countless adventures, including a recent trip to Queenstown where Callum took Abbey on a surprise walk up to a lookout over the entire mountain range.

Callum asked a random family to take a photo of the two of them and just before it was taken, he got down on one knee and asked popped the all important question.

For their engagement session, Samantha Heather Photography says she knew she wanted to inspire them and take them on a beautiful adventure. So they drove down to the gorgeous Penrose State Forest and wandered through avenues of beautiful fir trees and got lost among the nature around us.

Kangaroos hopped by while the pair played with smoke bombs and black cockatoos flew around them as they danced between the trees. Samantha tells us, they also got a bit of an unwelcome surprise when they sat by the river…

“We looked down to notice our legs were covered with leeches!! But Callum and Abbey laughed it off and picked the critters off one by one and continued taking photos. It was all part of the adventure and I couldn’t be happier to capture these moments for such an amazing couple who were up for anything. What troopers!”

A couple clearly in love, we’re beyond excited to see their wedding, but until then why not check out Kiri and Ben‘s wedding shot by Samantha, first posted back in August.

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CREDITS Photos Samantha Heather Photography // Location Penrose State Forest.