What is one thing that can set one wedding apart from all the others? Why, a koala and bridge seeming to mimic that of Sydney Harbour of course! (We’re not kidding, check out the pics). This partnering of a female farmer (you go girl!) and a rural financier is absolutely breathtaking and we’re sure you’ll think so too.

In a dress designed by herself, the bride was every bit a picture of perfection and her and her lovely man’s DIY efforts (along with the whole community it seems) are nothing short of impressive.

“The bottles with flowers on the tables were collected from old tips around the farm. Some dated as far back as the 1930’s. The white animals were painted by supportive family and the name tags were hand printed individually by the wonderful bridesmaids and Simon’s sister. It really was a whole community affair. For the week leading up to the big day we had neighbours dropping in lasagnes to feed the masses, friends making the bows for the pews and a local Garah lady lending us her vintage wheelbarrows full of petunias for the church. We could not have done it without them!”

And then, there is the photography by Edwina Robertson, who has captured perfectly this unique day and the carefree feel of the country. She tells us, “Simon and Ali’s day was what weddings are all about! Filled with helping hands from neighbours, family and friends it epitomised the values and hard work that you would expect from country folk. One moment that really warmed my heart from Simon and Ali’s day was the sincerity and tales told in the speeches. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard or seen guests with such big smiles. The weather was perfect and as the sun set over the magnificent family homestead the party continued well in to the night. It really was a day to remember and a wedding I’ll never forget.”

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CREDITS Photos Edwina Robertson // Dress Melinda O’Donaghue // Veil/hairpiece Melinda O’Donaghue and Penny Boydell // Shoes Jenny Debster // Flowers Penny Boydell // Rings Henning Molgaard and Stones // Jewellery Lannah Dunn and Samantha Wills // Bridesmaids’ dresses SABA, Bridesmaids Only and Luxury Lou // Grooms Tux/shirt TM Lewin // Grooms Shoes RM Williams // Groomsmen suits/shirts TM Lewin // Bow ties/ties TM Lewin // Ceremony venue St David?Ž“s Presbyterian Church, Garah // Reception venue Box Hill, Garah // Catering Relish // Cake Town and Country Club, Moree // Stationery designer The Story House // Hair and Make up Brooklyns Hair and Makeup and Ashlee Le Haye, Moree // Music Champagne Charlies // Celebrant Reverend Alan Mortimer