Only 10 weeks out from their engagement party, Amanda and Rhys decided to take their chances and turn it into a surprise wedding.

“I loved planning a secret wedding and being able to do so much on my own with no extra input or suggestions I didn’t want/need. I’m quite stubborn when it comes to things like this,” explains Amanda, who couldn’t deny the funniest, yet hardest, part of the wedding planning process…

“All the little lies we told everyone. ‘Oh we’re not planning the wedding for a few years yet’, etc. etc. and the million times we had close calls talking to people and almost slipping up.”

Focused on not spilling the beans, Amanda and Rhys were lucky to have already sent out the engagement invitations and booked most of their vendors, although one crucial thing was still on Amanda’s to-do list: finding the dress.

The Bridal Atelier was my first shop I booked. Kate (the dress fitter) was perfect, so lovely, so helpful especially with the fact I only had 10 weeks to have my dress in time. The dress was nothing like I pictured in my head but once I tried it on that was the one. I absolutely loved it.”

With fashion out of the way, scoring a photographer on such short notice was likely this couple’s second greatest feat. Cue Scott Surplice, who saved the day and left Amanda and Rhys with some of their favourite memories and the means to relive them for years to come.

“Scott was always there capturing the photos we dreamed we’d have. Half the time I didn’t even know he was there until we got the photos back and saw how many moments he captured for us. We we will forever be grateful to Scott,” says Amanda, who envisioned a relaxed and extremely nontraditional wedding full of flowers.

Merci Bouquet made our vision come to life. All the floral arrangements made everything so perfect, from the greenery down the tables and above the dance floor to our perfect bouquets and the arbor. It was everything I had pictured and without them it wouldn’t have happened.”

While Amanda and Rhys agree that they wouldn’t have changed a thing about their day, which included vendors like Sammy & Lola and Cake Arcade, it’s clear that marriage meant much more to them than a mere wedding.

“We already had a beautiful son together and it means we will grow as a family and make so many memories as a complete family. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be a family together, even when there are dirty nappies involved.”

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