For theatre casting director Lauren and her fiance, television writer and director Jack, creating a wedding from a blank canvas was their ultimate goal, steering clear of a ‘cookie cutter’ reception and creating something truly unique.

Held at The Berry School of Arts on the South Coast, this pair fell in love with the theatricality and scale of the room with its stage, red curtains, beams and mezzanine. “We could see the potential for a ripping party. It was always our plan to have a feast on big long tables, and the hall was perfect for that.”

With help from Gold Wedding Hire and South Coast Party Hire, Lauren and Jack set out to organise the classic and glamorous wedding of their dreams. “We wanted our reception to feel like a party and an event. French champagne served all night was important to us (we didn’t run out!) and for the food to be a banquet feast encouraging everyone to truly share the experience and interact,” explains Lauren, who hired Rabbit and Co Caterers to provide the noms for the day.

“People still tell us it was the best wedding food they have ever had and the whole journey from meeting them onwards was a pleasure and would highly recommend to anyone getting married in that area,” says the bride, who rocked a Rue De Seine gown from The Bridal Atelier on her big day.

“I couldn’t go past how comfortable and light the ‘Sophia’ gown was to wear and how instantly relaxed I became when putting my hands in the pockets! The lace ‘Grace’ blouse was the perfect addition for our church ceremony venue. I didn’t have bridesmaids so my friend Georgia came along as moral support and when she started crying, I knew it was the one.”

With an appearance by The Famous Berry Donut Van, a smoke machine on the dance floor and a huge singalong, the couple was beyond stoked that Stories By Ash was there to capture it all.

“Ash’s brilliance doesn’t just lie in photography. She taught Lauren and her father what pace to walk down the aisle in order to ‘take it all in’, she showed us how to pin corsages correctly, she helped us look our best at all times and she made as laugh and trust her for the whole ride. She’s a superstar.”

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CREDITS Photos Stories By Ash // Bridal gown blouse and veil Rue De Seine via The Bridal Atelier // Robes / getting read tees Shopbop // Lingerie Bonds // Shoes Valentino via David Jones // Accessories Tresors // Rings Peninsula Jewellers and Angus & Coote // Suit ASOS // Shirt G A Zink and Sons // Tie / Bow tie Thomas Farthing // Shoes Calibre // Socks Incu // Watch Daniel Wellington // Barber / grooming Sterling Apothecary // Stylist Boy and Bird // Printer Candlebark Creations // Guest Book Kinokuniya // Ceremony Meroo Union Church, NSW // Reception Berry School of Arts, NSW // Catering Rabbit and Co Caterers // Food truck The Famous Berry Donut Van // Cake topper Selfridges // Decorative elements Ping Market via Ebay, Catherine Martin, Sydney Party Decorations, Diptyque and BHLDN // Wedding favours Wild Brumby and Ikea // Prop and furniture hire South Coast Party Hire and Gold Wedding Hire // Signage Typo // Entertainment We Play Records // Celebrant Rev. Dr. David Millikan // Transport Clipper Limousines // Cinematographer Matt Dunbar Photography.