It seemed like a normal Saturday morning when Belle and Dan began their drive to the Barrington Tops with their beloved furry friend Arthur. After pulling into Salisbury for a picnic lunch, Belle took to relaxing in the grass while Dan went to the car to get the food.

£Dan put the ring in Arthur’s doggy coat pocket! He got down on one knee and had to ask the big question twice because he couldn’t believe his ears the first time? and the rest is history!—

Having already been together for five years, an 18 month engagement seemed like just the right amount for the couple to plan everything without feeling the stress and pressure that can often come along with the wedding organising process.

Though it was a long and difficult process finding the perfect location, Dan and Belle finally landed on Wandin Valley Estate, a unique venue in the lower Hunter Valley which allowed them to create the gorgeous day they’d been envisioning.

£There wasn’t a set theme to the wedding, however we always wanted it to be fun and really just a big party to celebrate this awesome day in our lives,— explains Belle, who adds that the flowers by Peter Herd were most definitely the highlight of her day.

£The flower arrangements in the reception room were absolutely stunning and made the room come to life. We had a 6 metre arrangement hanging from the ceiling above the bridal table (yep, 6 metres with 11 of us) that looked stunning,— says Belle, who took on the tough task of making the favours for the day.

£What started out to be a fun idea making the bonbonniere, which were a brownie mix in a jar with all the different ingredients layered (except the eggs), turned out to be many late nights in our kitchen! With 20kg bags of flour, chocolate chip, marshmallows and sugar all scattered in our kitchen, we made it there in the end and they looked (and tasted) pretty amazing.—

Despite many-a-weeks of scoping out venues, making favours, attending bridal expos and meeting with vendors, the couple assures us that they had a fantastic celebration and tonnes of memories to look back on.

£The whole day was fun starting with one of the bridesmaids cracking up with laughter walking down the aisle to the groomsmen stirring the photographer (Justin Aaron) to the best man’s speech and all the crazy dancing that came out later.—

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