Until they got engaged, Jess and Scott (first seen in Issue 11) had never spent much time playing with paper. £The last six months were pure lock down for DIY,— says Jess, who was determined to create an incredible floral backdrop for their ceremony held at Perth City Farm.

£Jess knew she wanted to have gigantic paper flowers which at times seemed all too difficult to create but the vision survived—, adds Scott of his better half’s first DIY success (the other being the 45 kilos of tomatoes she cooked for their tomato relish wedding favours).

Knowing how much humans love their grub, Jess and Scott’s main focus was always on food and drink. To create a relaxed vibe they scrapped the idea of a sit-down dinner and hired one of their favourite food trucks, Comida Do Sul, instead. Of course, there was plenty of booze too.

£Picking our own beers and wine was a must for us. Scott, being a bit of a beer snob, knew that he wanted all WA brewed beers and I wanted to pick and taste every wine myself. Each wine was a dedication to a memory or place we had travelled to.—

Another thing Jess had her heart set on was having one of Perth’s best designers (Sandra of Elvi Design) create her wedding dress. £I didn’t even bother looking elsewhere as I knew that Elvi was what I wanted. I designed the dress myself with the help of Sandra of course. The dress is a latte lace long sleeve gown with milk tulle. The process of the dress being created was thrilling, one fitting I even burst into tears. The ladies at Elvi really listened to what I wanted and created a beautiful gown that was all me.—

Elvi wasn’t the only vendor to impress this pair, with Glenn and Lauren from Through The Woods We Ran (formerly Still Love Wedding Photography) and Jess of The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist and Creator fame also bending over backwards to help create an easygoing, upbeat atmosphere.

As Jess tells us when asked about her favourite moment, £sneaking out during the traditional bridal party photos to go to a bar in the city for a drink, just the two of us and our photographers. Then our stylist allowing us to rage on for an extra two hours, we were there until 1:30am with our closest friends on the dance floor.— Sounds like our kind of celebration.

To see more awesome weddings like this one check out Issue 12, on sale now.

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CREDITS Photos Through The Woods We Ran // Bridal gown Elvi Design // Second dress Rem via The Iconic // Hair Jaimme Lee Creative // Make up Kristy Ogram Makeup // Rings Solid Gold // Bridesmaids dresses Saba, Giovanna, Carla Zampatti and Staple the Label // Bridesmaids accessories We Are Good Stock // Grooms suit Daniel Hechter // Grooms Shoes Aquila // Groomsmen suits Tony Barlow // Bow ties / ties OTAA via Etsy // Pocket square Country Road // Stationery Chi Borrello // Flowers Blossom and Thorn // Wood Creations Erik’s Wood Creations via Etsy // Ceremony and reception Perth City Farm, WA // Catering Comida Do Sul // Cake Sherbert bake Shop // Alcohol Mane Liquor and Grand Cru // Bar Staff Perth Bar Staff // Stylist The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist and Creator // Lighting hire Micktric Events // Transport Uber.